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Best Dinkytown Bars at UMN For Each Night

Best Dinkytown Bars at UMN For Each Night

Best Dinkytown Bars at UMN For Each Night

Whether you’re looking for an early week exploit, or a weekend night to remember, the University of Minnesota has a bar for you. We have listed the best Dinkytown Bars for each night of the week. We have also included a couple of our favorite bars in different areas of campus, and even some that stand out in the greater Twin Cities.

Monday Night

If you’re looking for a fun night out on Monday, you may have to leave campus. There are better options in Downtown Minneapolis, such as Bamboo Betty’s. They have Karaoke Mondays with $2 Shots, $3 Rails & Taps ‘Til Midnight. That’s hard to beat for a Monday night. If you don’t want to leave campus, you could find a decent scene at Sally’s. Newly re-opened, this was the bar your parents partied at. It is already becoming a student favorite, and is a great option if you’re heading out with a group of friends.


Tuesday Night

Rest in peace to our friends at Big Ten. With this legendary establishment gone in place of new apartments, your Tuesday night choices are pretty limited. A couple newer, more relaxed places are Bar Luchador and Haiku in Stadium Village. These places both have great happy hour deals for after dinner.


Wednesday Night

Things begin to pick up in Dinkytown on Wednesday night. We recommend Burrito Loco, which has great deals on Wednesdays including 39 cent wings, trivia and $2 drinks from 9-close. A great off-campus choice is the Wild Onion on Grand Avenue in Saint Paul. They have live music and a great atmosphere, which is hard to find on a Wednesday night.


Thursday Night

Our top choice on Thursday night is without a doubt Blarney Pub & Grill. The scene is great, but expect to pay a little more for drinks at around $5. For a better deal, head over to Stub and Herbs for the legendary “Kill The Keg” night. $7 gets you a bottomless cup starting at 8 PM, until the tap dries up. The scene here is a bit older, you won’t find underage students hanging around. Located just outside of Dinkytown, Stub and Herbs is on the corner of Stadium Village. Some students prefer to venture to Saint Paul, which is known for it’s Thursday night bar scene. If you decide to make the trip, Tiff’s and Plum’s are the way to go.


Friday Night

The Library, for those familiar with the bar scene has a deceiving name. Across the street from a legitimate library, this library has cheap drinks and a basement dance floor with a DJ. Nobody would mistake this for a high-end, classy establishment, but it will get the job done for your first stop on Friday night. Sally’s is quickly becoming the most popular bar for Friday night, although the crowd is a bit younger. Blarney is still a great option here too.


Saturday Night

If you’re fresh off a hangover, head to Blarney Pub and Grill or Sally’s for some much needed Bloody’s. Saturday night has some good options on Campus, including Blarney and The Library. While you should be able to find plenty to do, Downtown Minneapolis has some great options as well. The Pourhouse is a prohibition themed bar that has live music every Saturday Night. Cowboy Jack’s is another great downtown option, especially if you have a big group. This place is giant and almost always pulls huge crowds.


Sunday Night

If you’re really looking to drink Sunday night, you might be an alcoholic. But during the day, grab a bloody at Blarney. If you’re willing to leave campus, a great day drinking option is Brit’s Pub, where you can drink Absolut Bloody’s for $5 all day. On Monday, you can reevaluate your life.

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Ryan is a student at the University of Minnesota studying business. He lives in Dinkytown and writes about Gophers sports.

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