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Best Dinkytown Restaurants: The 10 Places To Eat in Dinkytown

Best Dinkytown Restaurants: The 10 Places To Eat in Dinkytown

Best Dinkytown Restaurants: The 10 Places To Eat in Dinkytown

Loring Pasta Bar Dinkytown Restaurant

10. The Loring Pasta Bar

The Loring has average reviews on Yelp, but something has to be said for the amazing location, and in my experience, pretty good food. They have live music, dancing and very cool decor. Some people claim the food is overpriced, but I’ve found it to be pretty fair. Students get a solid discount at 20%, making it even more affordable. This is a great spot for a date and some above-average food.

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Tony's Diner Dinkytown

9. Tony’s Diner

Tony’s is typically known for being “The second best breakfast place in Dinkytown”. They still make our list because I’ve always had a good experience here. The beers are 2-for-1 and are served throughout the day, making it a great Saturday destination. I enjoy their pancakes and hashbrowns, so I’ve stuck with that order the few times I’ve been. Check out Tony’s if you want breakfast or brunch and don’t want to be rushed.

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Annie's Parlour Dinkytown Restaurant

8. Annie’s Parlour

Annie’s is a very tradition American burger and malt restaurant. While the reviews are somewhat mixed, I will vouch for Annie’s in that I really enjoy their food. Do not come here expecting to order a salad and be fulfilled – it isn’t the place for that. If you come in expecting to eat a good burger and malt then you will leave satisfied.

Read Doug S.‘s review of Annie’s Parlour on Yelp

Shuang Cheng Dinkytown

7. Shuang Cheng

Shuang Cheng has a very diverse menu with many Asian specialties. They are known for having very authentic flavor, which can be hard to find in Minnesota. My favorites are their unique seafood dishes including crab and squid. The potions are very generous and I recommend trying a few different things when you visit.

Read Jared M.‘s review of Shuang Cheng Restaurant on Yelp

Wally's Dinkytown

6. Wally’s Falafel and Hummus

Wally’s has long been the go to for fairly priced Middle Eastern food that’s high quality. Their falafel is what they’re known for (as the name suggests). I’ve also tried their gyro and fries and really enjoyed it. It seems like you can’t go wrong at Wally’s.

Read Lina M.‘s review of Wally’s Falafel and Hummus on Yelp

Lands End Pasty Dinkytown

5. Lands End Pasty Company

What are pasties, you might ask? They are a traditional Cornish food that dates back to the tin mines in the southwestern portion of the UK. Lands End serves the traditional pasty of steak, potato, rutabaga and onion, and also offers a variety of other pasty creations, including some vegetarian options. While the food is great and very unique, the location is actually pretty hard to find. To find this hole-in-the-wall look at the end of the hallway between Shuang Cheng and Varsity Bike and Transit. Look for the maroon awning that reads “Dinkydale”.

Read Brian H.‘s review of Lands End Pasty Company on Yelp

Kafe 421 Dinkytown

4. Kafe 421

Kafe 421 has a mix of Mediterranean & American food as well as a fantastic wine selection. They have great service and a very relaxing, yet intimate environment. The chicken kebabs and lamb meatballs are highly recommended. This isn’t standard Greek food, but more of a gourmet take on it. The prices are a bit higher than other Dinkytown Restaurant, but the quality is great if you are looking for a lighter meal.

Read Susan M.‘s review of Kafe 421 on Yelp

3. Frank From Philly & Andrea Pizza

Frank and Andrea’s is my personal favorite restaurant in Dinkytown. It’s very casual, as you would expect from a pizza/cheesesteak place. Pizza by the slice is $4, and the cheesesteak meals run around $10 – so it’s priced about the same as nearby places. This pizza is has a great New York Flop, which makes it my personal favorite. They make a good variety of pizzas, but unless you come in at peak hours don’t expect a ton of choices. You can always order cheesesteak if they don’t have the pizza you want pre-made. Otherwise just ask and they’ll make you a personal one. I eat at Frank and Andrea’s all the time and trust me you will love this place.

Read Kimberly W.‘s review of Frank From Philly & Andrea Pizza on Yelp

Himalayan Restaurant Dinkytown

2. Himalayan Dinkytown

The Himalayan is relatively new to Dinkytown, but it is quickly becoming a favorite of students and locals. A fast-casual take on Indian Food, Himalayan is great if you need something quick. The bowl is highly recommended and only runs about $8.

Read Jay P.‘s review of Himalayan Dinkytown on Yelp

als breakfast dinkytown

1. Al’s Breakfast

Al’s Breakfast wins best Dinkytown Restaurant, and is it really a surprise? The iconic, tiny space is the first place you need to go if you’re new to Dinkytown. Originally just an alleyway between two buildings, expect to feel very crammed while eating at Al’s. The food is very good (especially the pancakes, eggs and hasbrowns), yet the experience feels like the best part of visiting Al’s. If you plan to visit, make sure to bring cash as they don’t accept credit cards.

Read Elle Y.‘s review of Al’s Breakfast on Yelp

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